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Discovery Series
Shaping Young Minds

In an interview in Playbill magazine, Broadway actor, Jay Armstrong Johnson was asked to finish the sentence "I'll never understand why …." His response was: "[in schools] Funding for the Arts is the first thing to get cut. Music is math. Theatre is English and history and social studies and relationships. Tech is science. Dance is physical education. Drawing and Painting stretch the imagination. The Arts are everything!"

For 30 years The Ritz Discovery Series has partnered with educators throughout Northwest Ohio to provide programming to nurture the belief in connecting a robust curriculum with the contribution of the arts in preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship. Studies indicate that students who are put in contact with the arts from the earliest ages are more likely to excel academically.

The Ritz Theatre Discovery Series presents four programs annually for various grade levels in accordance with the State of Ohio dictates that school-age children should be exposed to and offered the arts as part of their education. Special Study Guides precede each performance offering ways for teachers to tie the student's experience to the classroom with activities that help them explore, ask questions, interact and better understand what they see.

Celebrating its 90th Birthday, The Ritz Theatre represents a connection to the past and a special cultural adventure. Coming to this historic treasure makes powerful memories for students and adults alike. The experience could be one of the most priceless events of the school year.

Please join us…….

This series is sponsored by
The Tiffin Metal Products Foundation.

Based on the books by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Illustrated by Pat Schories
Script and Lyrics by Greg Gunning
Music by Richard DeRosa
November 19, 2018
10:00 am and 1:00 pm
Grades K - 3

On her birthday, Little Girl is thrilled to discover a new puppy as a surprise present. She names the rambunctious little thing, Biscuit, and is determined that he will become the "Best Puppy" in the world. Along his journey to gain new knowledge, the frolicking little puppy can be found exploring new places, making new friends with Sam the Dog and Daisy the Cat, and stirring up some mischief.
Just like the Ritz Discovery Series, ArtsPower National Touring Theatre is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Based in Cedar Grove, NJ, ArtsPower creates delightful musical theatre productions for young audiences based on popular children's literature. The company has presented to 30 million people throughout 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Connections: Reading, Writing, Literature, Music, Relationships, Storytelling
By Kendra Martin, Alan Haehnel, C.R. Wright, Sam Guzman
Excerpted from The Bullying Collection by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
10:00 am
Grades 6 - 12

Bullying is hardly a new subject and while it should not be a universal part of the human experience, it all too often is. These four 10-minute plays run the gamut from victim and bully meeting 20 years later (Reunited and It Feels So Good), verbal harassment and actual physical abuse (Frosh in The Pit), dealing with suicide caused by bullying (Say Nothing) and reactions to a school shooting (I Was There). In every instance, the playwright has worked toward revealing a fresh perspective intended to create awareness and to foster classroom discussion.
Actors in this production are members of the Ritz Teen Thespian Guild. The emotional experience for the students in the audience becomes heightened as they watch their peers on stage portraying the difficulties many of them face every day.

Connections: Social Studies, Interpersonal Communication, Civics, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Self-esteem, Character Development, Values and Ethics
Original play by Jeff Hooper
Music and Lyrics by Bob Lucas
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
10:00 am
Grades 4 - 8

The Underground Railroad was a network involving countless communities in the North that helped slaves find their freedom in Canada before the Civil War. A play with original music, Freedom Bound, revolves around the most famous incident in our state: the story of Addison White, an escaped slave, and his rescue by the citizens of Mechanicsburg. Weaving together storytelling, drama, and music, this presentation brings an important chapter of American and Ohio history to life.
For over three decades Mad River Theatre Works of New Liberty, Ohio has been creating ingenious plays based on American folklore. Over 90,000 young people annually experience these evocative stories that illuminate the past and teach important lessons for today.

Connections: American History, Ohio History, Social Studies, Music, Cultural Diversity, Language Skills, Storytelling

Further enhance your study of the Civil War by visiting the American Civil War Museum of Ohio within walking distance of The Ritz Theatre. Call 419.455.9551 or go to to schedule a tour with your class.
Based on the book by Ludwig Bemelmans
Book and Lyrics by Greg Gunning
Music by Richard DeRosa

Friday, April 26, 2019
10:00 am and 1:00 pm
Grades K-3

Capturing the blithe and touching spirit of Ludwig Bemelmans' much loved Madeline series, this amusing yet poignant tale traces the adventures of the young Parisian girl who starts off on the wrong foot with her new neighbor, Pepito. Initially deciding that the mischievous boy is a "bad hat" or a trouble-maker, Madeline eventually learns that first impressions aren't always right and then helps Pepito's father, the Spanish Ambassador, to discover and understand what his son really needs.
Returning to the Discovery Series again this season, the New Jersey-based ArtsPower National Touring Theatre brings to life this example of the "enemies becoming friends" story with gentle humor and a beautiful musical score. Young audiences will learn important lessons while being entranced and delighted.

Connections: Language/communication skills, Values and Ethics, Storytelling, Character Development, Relationships, Literature, Music

All shows run approximately one hour unless otherwise noted.
No refunds will be given for cancellations within two weeks before a performance.
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