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Why is there a ticketing fee?
The Ritz Theatre uses a computer ticketing system that allows patrons to choose their own seats when ordering via the Internet. To help offset the cost of this system we instituted a $6 per ticket fee for each ticket purchased online. There is no fee for tickets purchased at the Box Office during regular business hours. We have a $3.00 per ticket fee for those tickets purchase on the phone or by mail.

Can I return my tickets?
All sales are final unless you are a subscriber to a Ritz Theatre series. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Subscribers may exchange tickets for a future performance of the same value or pay any additional charges. Tickets must be returned to the Box Office at least 24 hours in advance. Anyone can return tickets to the Box Office for resale and receive a letter designating the return as a tax deductible donation.

Can I buy tickets for another performance while I'm at the theater to see a show?
The Box Office is staffed for performances so that it may efficiently serve patrons attending the show, and cannot sell tickets to other shows.

Does my infant need a ticket if she is going to sit in my lap during a performance?
Yes. Every person attending a performance is required to have a ticket, including babes in arms.

Do you have rush seats/discounts?
Full-time matriculated college students can purchase rush seats for $5 each with a valid college ID 30 minutes prior to curtain time. Occasionally, promotional discounts will be offered, with notification through advertising and to members of the Ritz Theatre's web club. To join the web club, visit and click on "contact" on the menu.
In addition, The Ritz does offer a group discount of 10% for groups of 20 or more.

What do I do if the show is cancelled?
In the event of a cancellation we will make every effort to notify patrons beforehand, often by telephone. You will be instructed to return your tickets to the Box Office, at which time the price of the tickets (but not any service fees) will be refunded. If you purchased your tickets with a credit card, your account will be credited. If you purchased your tickets with cash or a check, you will be mailed a refund check. Refunds cannot be processed for cash.

What if I can't make it because of the weather?
If the show goes on as scheduled we are contractually obligated to pay the performers. Therefore, we do not offer weather-related refunds. Generally, if Seneca County is in a Level One or Level Two Road Emergency, the performance will continue as planned.

If I purchase multiple tickets to a performance, will my seats be together?
Our staff will always select consecutive seats when filling your order unless you have specifically requested otherwise. If there is any problem placing your seats together a Box Office representative will contact you before processing your order.

When I received my tickets they were seats 14, 16, and 18. Are my seats together?
Yes. All seats on the right side of the theatre are even-numbered and seats on the left side of the theatre are odd-numbered. Seats in the center are numbered consecutively. This numbering system helps our ushers direct you quickly and efficiently to your seats.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes. You can purchase gift cards (the Ritz Theatre ArtsCard) in any amount at the Box Office.

Can you take my gift certificate over the phone?
No. You must bring your gift card to the Box Office either in person or by mail to order tickets.

Can I make a reservation and pay later?
No. The Ritz requires full payment for all tickets at the time of reservation.

Where can I view a seating chart?
Seating charts are available at the Box Office and online. Click here to see our seating charts.

When is the Box Office open?
The Box Office is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM. through 5:00 PM and on Saturdays, 10:00 AM through 1:00 PM. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the Box Office is closed on Saturdays. Additionally, the Box Office is open 1 hour prior to each show for ticket sales exclusively to that performance and closes one-half hour after the performance begins.

Are cameras/recording devices allowed at the performance?
No. Cameras (with or without a flash), video equipment or recording devices are not allowed unless the performer grants special permission. Unauthorized equipment is subject to confiscation. If you would like to check your equipment during the performance, please contact an usher or a staff member. This regulation includes cell phone cameras as well. Also, PLEASE no texting during a performance. The glow from your phone is disturbing to other patrons. If you must use your phone, please go to the lobby.

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Where do I park?
There is free on-street parking after 5 p.m. on Washington Street and in various municipal lots in the area. Please repect the rights of private businesses and organizations and do not park in their lots

Where is the handicapped parking?
There are a few designated spaces between The Ritz and The Shawhan for handicapped parking. The Ritz does not allow parking directly in front of the marquee. In case of emergency, there must be a clear mode of egress from the theatre.

What is the history of The Ritz?
The Ritz Theatre opened December 20, 1928 as a vaudeville and movie house. The theater was purchased by the non-profit Tiffin Theatre Inc in the early 1980s and renovated in 1998. You can read more by clicking here.

What number do I leave the baby-sitter?
If you are attending a performance at The Ritz, tell your caregiver to call 419.448.8544 ext 119 and leave a message including your section, row and seat number.

Do you do tours? Can I see the theater?
Yes. You can arrange a tour by calling 419.448.8544 ext 114. We sugest a $3 donation per person.

What other kinds of activities take place at The Ritz?
The Ritz hosts outside promoted performances, weddings, business conferences, benefits, holiday parties, reunions, trade shows and other private events. For rental information, call 419.448.8544 ext 114 or click here.

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Where can I see an up-to-date list of all shows coming to The Ritz?
Our brochure can be found in the display rack in the Box Office and online by clicking here.

Who is responsible for deciding which shows will be booked?
The majority of shows presented at The Ritz are booked by the Executive Director. However, many shows are presented by outside promoters who rent the theater and are responsible for setting the ticket prices, advertising and the quality of the production.

Why don't you bring in (insert your favorite artists here)?
There are many factors that go into deciding what artists to book: artist fees and availability, the size of the show (will it fit on our small stage?), how many people will attend and how much will they pay. Oftentimes, your favorite artist either doesn't have a big enough following or is so popular that we can't afford him or her. We're always open to suggestions! Please share your opinions with the Executive Director anytime.

The performance was different from the advertising. Why did this happen?
We strive to provide accurate information at all times about upcoming performances. Occasionally information provided to us by artists does not accurately reflect the performance presented because Artists reserve the right to make last-minute changes or because information passed on to us is outdated. And...once the artist is on's out of our hands!

I have an idea for an artist I think will do well at The Ritz. Are you interested?
Absolutely! The best way to share your idea is to send an e-mail to the Executive Director.

How can I perform in the Friday Night Live series?
The Ritz is committed to supporting emerging talent! Send a CD, DVD or e-mail to the Executive Director

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Why is the sound so loud? And the flip-side, Why can't I hear?
The Ritz has a state-of-the-art sound system that is calibrated to provide appropriate sound levels to all areas of the theater. Artists and their staff have specific requirements about how their shows should sound. The Ritz staff works closely with the artists to ensure that the levels are appropriate. However, from time to time, some audience members may find the levels either too loud or too soft for their personal taste. The Ritz has disposable earplugs available for the audience; please contact an usher if you would like a pair. .

Does The Ritz have a dress code?
Nope! Come as you are. Shirts and shoes are a must, however.

Can I bring food or drinks into the theater?
Yes, as long as they were purchased at The Ritz. We reserve the right to limit alcohol sales and, for some performances where the nuance of sound is particularly important (like plays or classical music performances) we will not sell popcorn and other "crunchies."

Why is it so hot? Why is it so cold?
Personal tastes aside, regulating the temperature of a large building filled with nearly 1,300 people is a tricky matter, as all those bodies raise the air temperature by several degrees. If you find it cool when you enter the building, you can expect the temperature will rise quickly as the theater fills. Please let an usher know if you believe the theater is too warm or too cool.

Do you provide a wheelchair for patrons?
We do have one wheelchair. Please ask an usher for assistance.

Why isn't there more leg room?
When the theater was built in 1928, the average American male was around five-feet, six-inches tall. When we renovated the building in 1998 we increased leg room in the orchestra by removing a few rows. In the balcony, however, each row is on its own concrete level, and the seats were already pushed back as far as they would go. Expanding leg room in the balcony would require demolishing the current balcony and rebuilding it from scratch.

Who do I see if I have a problem during the performance?
Direct your question first to an usher. If he or she can't help, you will be directed to the Staff Member on Duty.

Why do you allow standing up in front during concerts?
Our ushers are instructed to make every effort to keep people in their seats, but performers often encourage their fans to gather in front of the stage. We ask that you stay seated during the performance.

What should I do if I'm being disturbed by the behavior of nearby patrons?
Don't hesitate to notify an usher, who has been trained to deal with most issues. They are there to assist you.

Can I meet the artists? Get autographs?
Occasionally artists will agree to meet with fans after the show in the outer lobby. Otherwise, audience members are not allowed backstage.

Why do I have to wait in the lobby if I'm late? Why no late seating?
Each show has its own policy for late seating, and we are contractually obligated to oblige. The Usher Captain and ushers are following the artists' instructions and appreciate your understanding.

Can I move into unoccupied seats?
We do not encourage audience members to move into unoccupied seats, as those seats may belong to late-arriving patrons. Occasionally the staff will instruct the ushers to offer closer seats to those sitting in the back of the orchestra or balcony.

Where do I put my coat?
The Ritz does not have a coat check and is unable to assume responsibility for any items left unattended. We ask that you not drape coats over the balcony walls.

Where is the lost and found?
The lost and found is located in the Box Office. You may ask an usher to look for a lost item or call the box office the next business day.

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The Melpomene Lounge looks like fun! How do I get in?
Donors at the $1000 level or higher have the exclusive right to attend receptions in the lounge. Wine, beer, and soft drinks are available, as are tasty home made hors d'oeuvres. If you are a member, you can get into the theatre before everyone else through a private staffed entrance and can take advantage of free coat check. Donors at a higher level can access free, parking across the street from the theatre, courtesy of United Insurance.

How do I become an usher?
Stop by or call the Box Office and ask to become a volunteer!

Why do you ask for money beyond ticket costs?
Ticket revenue covers only about 50 percent of The Ritz's expenses, so we rely heavily on donations from individuals and corporate members. The Ritz is a non-profit organization and must continually raise money to support its mission to bring high-quality performances and educational opportunities to the community.

Why do subscribers get better seats?
As a way of saying "thank you" for supporting a valuable community resource. Subscribers are offered the first opportunity to renew their seats before single tickets go on sale...another reason to subscribe!

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Where are the bathrooms?
The main bathrooms are located in the upper lobby, women's on the right, men's on the left. Restrooms for the physically challenged are located in the lower lobby by the Melpomene lounge. We ask that you respect the rights of others and use the upper lobby restrooms if you can.

Where can I find a water fountain?
The water fountain is located in the lower lobby by the entrance to the Melpomene Lounge.

How much is the stage elevated? How far is the first row in the orchestra from the stage?
The stage is elevated three-feet, six-inches from the orchestra floor and the first row of the orchestra is about four feet from the stage.

Where are the concessions?
The main concession stand is in the lower lobby to the left as you exit the theatre. A satellite stand is located in the upper lobby near the Ladies Room.

Where can I smoke?
Ohio State Law states that smoking is allowed 30 feet from any entrance to the building. The Ritz is a smoke-free facility. This includes the use of e-cigarettes or "vaping."

Photography and Video Disclaimer
By entering the premises of The Ritz Theatre, you understand that you may be photographed, filmed, or videotaped and you hereby give The Ritz Theatre the unqualified right to take pictures and/or recordings of you and grant the perpetual right to use your likeness, image, photo (collectively, "image"), without compensation, for broadcast or exhibition in any medium and to put the finished pictures/recordings to any legitimate use without limitation or reservation. You hereby waive, release and forever discharge The Ritz Theatre from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from any use of your image.
The Ritz Theatre shall not be obligated to use, and may elect not to use, your image.

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