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About The Ritz Players

The Ritz Players are a community theatre organization that strives to present high-quality performances, staged here at The Ritz Theatre. They believe in the power of live theatre to ignite the imagination, stimulate thought, offer an avenue for creative expression, and provide entertainment. Through their productions, workshops for young people and outreach programs, they strive to integrate theatre into the lives of the people who come into contact with their organization.

Ritz Players Board

  • Carlene Hitchcock - President
  • Mike Steyer - Vice President
  • Jodi Salyer - Secretary
  • Laura Warren - Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Charlton
  • Kevin Held
  • John Kahler
  • Joan Ledwedge
  • Kyrsten Lilly
  • TJ McKee
  • George Sherwood
  • Cheyane Thacker

Ritz Player Productions