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The Ritz Theatre Hall of Fame pays tribute to individuals, foundations and corporations that have gone above and beyond what we dare ask of them. We thank them for the generosity.

Theatre Associates – Barbara Beineke Spitler and Carl F. Kalnow (2008)

The true love of the arts reflected by these two individuals inspired a handful of citizens to come together and save The Ritz Theatre from an uncertain fate in December of 1981. We thank them for their foresight and leadership in preserving this national landmark.

National Machinery Foundation (2008)

The generous support and exceptional philanthropy of this Foundation have made The Ritz Theatre available for many generations of Tiffin families. We applaud their leadership example.

Dorothy Bero (2008)

Her extraordinary drive, vision and energy while leading the ‘Setting the Stage Capital Campaign’ that launched the renovation of The Ritz Theatre in 1996 still shines today. This amazing landmark has been preserved thanks to her unwavering commitment.

Don & Judy Miller (2008)

Their dedication, zeal and generosity throughout the years have ensured a bright and vibrant future for The Ritz Theatre. Their leadership during challenging times will always be appreciated.

Hubert and Jo Bernet (2009)

They have been shining examples of altruistic leadership for The Ritz Theatre over many years. Their affection for the institution and belief in its mission deem them as two of our theatre’s finest ambassadors.  We thank them for their dedication.

Robert & Diane Dougherty (2009)

They exemplify the term “volunteer spirit” through an extraordinary devotion to The Ritz Theatre that is beyond reproach.  Together they have donated thousand of hours of time in nearly every area of the theatre operation. We appreciate their exceptional friendship.

Earl & Gladys DeLong (2010)

For their decades of generous support and steadfast commitment that impacts and enriches all who enter into The Ritz Theatre, we extend our warmest ovation to this extraordinary couple.

The Ritz Players (2011)

The commitment and excellence demonstrated through the years by these diversely talented Ritz devotees is proudly lauded. Generations of fans, entertained by your performances, equally benefit from thousands of hours generously volunteered here, at your second home.
Bravo, Ritz Players, Bravo!!

Charles & Patty Cole (2013)

Respected for their unwavering commitment to improve our community by supporting a wide array of educational, service and cultural initiatives, we honor the generous gifts, positive energy and enthusiastic leadership that Charles and Patty Cole have provided to The Ritz Theatre.

Old Fort Banking Company (2014)

Their consistent support of The Ritz Theatre has not wavered in generations. We extend our gratitude for their many years of dedication, guidance, and insight.

Joe Bryner (2015)

Joe’s loyalty and affection for the theatre have been apparent for decades.  His remarkable expertise and vast knowledge of our facility and its workings are matched only by his dedication.

Dr. Dave & Margot Drake (2016)

The Ritz Theatre will be forever grateful for their leadership and benevolence. The guidance they provided during difficult times was invaluable. We thank them for their years of steadfast service.

Dianne M. Pytel (2017)

We honor her for decades of devoted service to The Ritz Theatre and The Ritz Players. Her commitment to the arts and education has enriched the lives of thousands of young people.

Mercy Health Tiffin Hospital (2018)

This Tiffin institution has been a supporter of the theatre for decades. We thank them for their continued belief that the arts contribute to the health of our community.

Robert Meyer (2022)

He has devoted his energies and resources to The Ritz for decades. We applaud him for his service on the Board of Trustees and as a stalwart member of the Finance Committee. His involvement and guidance through good times and bad have been invaluable.

Michael Kerschner (2022)

A long-time supporter of The Ritz and its mission, he is the embodiment of the term “community-minded.” His wisdom and foresight were instrumental in directing The Ritz through a sometimes-difficult journey. We thank him for his staunch support.

Nancy Betz (2023)

For decades she has been a treasured player in the life of the theatre, as both a valued staff member and a loyal volunteer. Her love for The Ritz is evident in everything she does. We thank her for incomparable dedication.